Wednesday, July 9, 2008

OOOOPSY!! Ladies, I apologize for all the look-alike posts! I was trying to post them directly to my blog and didn't remember that I can't do that since I have more than one!
You were so sweet to comment though....And yes, I think looking like Lynda Carter is awesome too!
And, I am sorry to say that I will once again not be able to come to the Blogger Babe luncheon. I just can't justify spending $$$$$ on the gas to get me from Davis County to Provo. SORRY!!! I have wanted to come to every one of the gatherings and have been bummed out that it hasn't worked for me to come. I think you all are super-duper awesome ladies and am glad to be a part of your group.
Big Big hug to all of you!

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Shellie said...

That's ok, it was fun reading about you and your look alikes. Too bad you're too far, maybe one day it will coincide with another reason why you need to be here.