Friday, July 18, 2008

Hey ladies - so sorry I missed the get together. Since I read how life is for you, I know you understand that feeling of being put in the "blender" of life and having it turned on. That is my life right now. I feel like the finger of life chose the "puree" button and left on for about a month!

Hopefully things will settle back down soon. Love you guys!

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Donna said...

Ha, ha, LOL!

I feel that way too. Mine is more like the pulse switch on my Bosch. Someone is having a hay day switching into high speed and back to regular.

It kinda takes you breath away.

Today the house is peaceful. The house is clean. The yard is weeded and mowed. The boys are hiking King's peak. I have about two or three hours to get working on my thesis until they converge and in comes the camping mess. With everything under control now, hopefully they can get their gear put away and laundry done ASAP and I can return to bliss for the Sabbath.

I can dream can't I? Back away from the Bosch switch! :)