Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 16 Get Together

I finally got my daughter to use her magic photoshop skills to lighten up the pictures I took at our July get together. There were only three of us there, Ali, Candace and Sandra. We met up Provo Canyon at South Fork Park and had a blast. We had good food, good friends, new friends, and fun.


Candace, Ali and her sons

Ali and her boys
We failed to get a picture of me with Ali and Candace, but I promise, I was there as were two of my children. Jacob was kinda bored and watched a movie on my i-Pod most of the time. Ali's boys and my daughter, Brandi, however had a blast running and playing and wading in the river. It was cold water but they were soaked none-the-less.

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Karlene said...

I am so frustrated that I keep having to miss these. And I'll probably miss August too because I'm going to KY for a week and then my son is getting married two days after I get back. Ack!! Just don't kick me out of the group. :)