Friday, May 15, 2009

B5 Blogger Babes Update

Hi Ladies! We're making some changes around here, trying to get our info updated and get our group going again.

I sent most of you an e-mail this morning. Please take that survey as soon as you can.

If you didn't get the email, CLICK HERE.

I have emails for some of you ladies, but your blog isn't listed in our "B to the 5 Blogs" list.

Others of you are on that list, but I have no email address for you.

If you'd like to update your info, SEND ME AN EMAIL. Include the email address you'd prefer we use when we send out announcements about our meetings. Also include the URL to your main blog (the one you'd like listed in the sidebar.)

Thanks a bunch.

1 comment:

Candace E. Salima said...

I took the survey and love the new look. Thanks for taking this on, Karlene. I am so swamped now I can scarcely see straight. I'm looking forward to meeting with the blogger babes again! Especially if we can do it on a quarterly basis rather than monthly.