Saturday, May 28, 2011

American Honor, American Disgrace

Last Saturday, May 21st, I participated in the most awesome light ceremony at Mount Rushmore. The Veterans of the crowd were asked to come down and retire the flag for the evening. I have never been so honored in all of my life. To be at such a remarkable place...a symbol of what America should be...and participate in the sacred act of reverencing our Flag was an incredible experience.

Fast forward to yesterday, May 27th. I was never so ashamed or embarrassed in my fellow man. I walked into Rexall Drug in Montpelier, Idaho. This business had a sign in its window stating "We Support Our Troops". I purchased nearly $100 in books and asked if the business gave military discounts. The cashier went to ask the owner. I was scolded for asking for this discount. Who is the military that they should get special discounts. Between government taxes and high prices no one could afford to give out discounts. His son was military and he didn't get discounts. I calmly explained that many businesses gave discounts to military personnel. I also stated that all I did was ask. I then turned my attention back to the cashier and asked how exactly did that establishment support the troops.

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