Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Book Club

Hi, It's me, long long lost Shellie, the disappearing babe. I have not done much blogging at all this year, but am starting to get back into it again. I'll have to hop around and see how all of you are doing. Meanwhile, if you are interested in making the world a better place and would like to discuss it with other moms, think about joining my virtual book club. We will read books and articles on different social issues and think of ways to improve them. Our humble mission is to save the world. My first book is called Moral Courage by Rushworth M. Kidder. It is a book about ethics, something that is fading fast in our society and needs a serious comeback. Try to get your hands on a copy and read it, or at least stop by for my reviews and then give your feedback on what you think and things we all can do to spread better ethics. The blog is here. Stop by any time and invite everyone you know, the more heads put together, the better!

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