Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sidebar 5 B Announcements

Somehow I missed the January event for 5B thinking the book club was it. The side bar was confusing.

October's B to 5 Get-Together Thursday - 22 January, 2009

Dinner at 5:00 p.m.

Los Hermanos
395 North State
Lindon, UT

Notice that the heading says October and the text beneath says January. I read the heading and did not realize that there was a January event announced. So we should change the title for February, or March if it is too late for February to read:
February's B to the 5 Get Together or March's B to the 5 Get Together.

So are we doing a February? I would like to host one in my secret garden in May, on a day when we can invite husbands or families to a BBQ. Your thoughts? Perhaps if we plan a few months in advance, we could all mark our calendars. Perhaps short month Luncheons on the same day of the month, like 3rd Thursday, and long month couples or family activities on the 3rd Friday/Saturday. Also, do we want to continue meeting at public eateries because of the ease, convenience, (and business deduction for some) or with the economy becoming what it is do we want to consider pot luck at someone's house?
Suggested Consistency ... (short month Thursday Luncheons, Long Months Friday or Saturday couple/family activity)
26 February Thursday Luncheon
21 March Friday Date Night
16 April Thursday Luncheon
16 May Saturday Family BBQ
18 June Thursday Luncheon
17/18 July couples or family activity
14/15 August couples date night, maybe a romantic couples picnic up Provo Canyon?
17 September Thursday Luncheon
16/17 October couples date night
19 November Thursday Luncheon
18/19 December Couples Date night or B to the 5 Family Christmas Party?

The above are not fixed in concrete, only a suggestion. What say ye? Also, do we want to do themes or topics of any kind? I like the spotlight idea, even the basket we used to do. Once upon a time theme or focused luncheons were suggested. What kind of topics could we cover?
Getting Branded?
Blogging for business?
The importance of a business plan and team?
Writing for profit?
Sharing your Bliss? (sharing your business)
Secure not stressed-overcoming sidetrackness and procrastination?
Creating a love of learning for your children or even home schooling?
How can less be more?

The above were just brainstorms. Do we want a Thursday theme? What do you want this experience to be? Just social? A way to encourage each other and move us forward? What are your thoughts?


Karlene said...

I'm up for anything. I was sorry I missed the January dinner because I had to work. But at least I got to see those that came at the Book Club. :)

Shellie said...

I've kinda been awol in the blogosphere, so I missed January :( I'll try to pay attention and make it to other get togethers.