Monday, June 9, 2008

A New Blog -

I have a new blog that I have just started up. I am journaling what my husband and I are experiencing as we try to adopt a special little boy.

I've never been a Mommy before, but I've just been shoved into the deep end of the pool - head first. Not only do we now have a four year old, we have one with special challenges. Any and all comments and suggestions on the blog about motherhood, in general and in abstract, will be more than appreciated!


Shellie said...

How exciting! What an adventure! There are days you will think you're gonna die, but it is so worth it. I'll stop on by.

Kenjishiela said...

Mother's love is the greatest love here on earth except for the Savior's love.

You're a great mother, leaving the legacy to your kids.