Friday, April 11, 2008

One of Me

I will miss you all tomorrow. I wanted to go to Karlene's, I wanted to be with you all, I soooooo wanted to learn about blogging for business. Will you catch me up. I know, you snooze you lose. But if you can bring me up to speed, I would so appreciate it.

I am one of the happiest mothers in the world. I have one of the "awesomest" son-in-laws ever. In fact, he will not even let us use the term in-law, as they do not believe in it. They are meant for each other. Besides being gentle, attentive, and chivalrous, I have felt the strength of his spirit, as he laid hands on my head, with my husband, to give me a blessing. Yes, though the engagement was brief, I know he will take good care of my daughter and the children that will come to them.

Here is their announcement, the picture taken the day they married in the Mt. Timpanogas Temple. The only address I have for most of you is your email. So, this is the invitation to our loacl Blogger Babes group, invitation to join us in celebrating this wonderful blessing, the marriage of Alan and Jennifer.

In my earlier post I mentioned it was a brief engagement. Well, once they fasted (each without the other knowing so) and had their answer about each other, they got engaged. They came home that night to tell us and ask her father for her hand. The next evening they prayed about all the dates between February and the end of May. They called us during family home evening to tell us that they had set the date, and that the Spirit had confirmed it. They were to be sealed that Friday, just 3.5 days away. So, there was a lot to do and a short time to do it in. His grandfather sought and received permission from the first Presidency, to fly in from Nauvoo and seal them. She was sealed in her temple dress. The dress she is wearing in the wedding pictures is the dress she wore that Sabbath Day that he proposed to her on the way to church. Those, at the temple responsible for preparing brides for their big day, are counseling brides to marry in their temple dress and save the bridal gown for pictures and the reception, if a young lady wants to wear one.

She had no time to find a bridal gown though she found one she liked, only it was the wrong size. She had prayed and was reassured that she would find a gown before the reception. She did in deed find one this week. Our camera died before Christmas. So, we got a new one this week. I will try to post pictures from the reception.

We get to prepare the reception around a funeral tomorrow. We will have two hours to set up. No stress. The first half of the reception will be a reception line. The second half, my daughter and her husband invite us to dance and mingle. Jon us if you can. The building is just off Center Street in Orem, just behind Mountain View Seminary, west of Mountain View High School.

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Candace E. Salima said...

The reception was so much fun. Jennifer looked beautiful and she and Alan looked so cute dancing together.