Monday, March 24, 2008

Daughter Marries

Some of you have been reading my blog and know my almost 19 (19 in May) old daughter, Jennifer, married in the temple after a brief engagement, in February. They are back from their 3 week honeymoon, and have announced that after praying about several dates for their reception, they have chosen the afternoon of 12 April. Yes, fixed firmly in concrete.

I already had the Blogger Babe lunch and a ward High Priest dinner and fireside that night:) Anyway, life just got simpler for me. After running on adrenals for who knows how long, my body is reminding me that I cannot do it all. Not yet failure, but if I do not heed I see the road out ahead. I am mother of the bride, which makes me the hostess for the reception. Thank goodness I have a 25 year old daughter who is quite capable and experienced in helping me with catering weddings, to assist me with her younger sister's. I now only have one thing for that day, the reception. I am removing all other deadlines.

Sorry ladies. I was really looking forward to this luncheon. However, even though I really enjoy our luncheons, and no matter how much I would like to hear Joseph Fielding McConkie, my family comes first, after my health. Enjoy the luncheon. I will miss you all.



Shellie said...

We'll miss you but a reception sounds more important! Have fun!

Candace E. Salima said...

We'll miss you, Donna. But I'll see you at Jen's reception that afternoon.