Friday, January 11, 2008

Thursday, January 10th Lunch at Brick Oven

At the top of this blog is the official logo of the Utah Chapter of the Beautiful Bodacious Babbling Blogging Babes.

Well, lunch rocked once again. And this time we have pictures! Utah's B to 5 (which is what Alvin says we should call ourselves) met at Brick Oven today. We had a delightful time getting to know one another again and meeting those of us who arrived for the first time. We missed everyone who couldn't make it! Serious bummer!

Here are some of the pictures from our lunch. They let us have the Party Room at Brick Oven, which was a shock because I wasn't willing to pay $5.00 a head for everyone who didn't show up under the number of 12. We had a little mix up with the check, but it all turned out okay. I don't think we'll be taking our party back there again, though. Servers were great. Food was great. But the reservationist was rude and didn't make note that I canceled the reservation for the room and asked for a table in the main dining room. Budgeting and all, I couldn't spring for the $5.00 a head.

Donna over at Donna's Journey at Julia and Where Oh Where Has My Mind Gone, mother and daughter, presented the door prize today. That amazing mug you see is designed with our official logo.

Karlene Browning over at Inksplasher won the door prize. And she was as thrilled as I to receive it.

Donna and her husband make all kinds of wonderful items in their business, including these mugs. You can check them out at

All in all, I thought it was very cool! Donna says any of the Blogging Babes can order one of the mugs for $15.00. It's rockin' . . . I have one myself. Courtesy of Donna and Julia, which was unnecessary but exceedingly sweet. Here's a closeup of the mug:

How much does that seriously rock! I feel so official!

So we met, we visited, we laughed, we took pictures (thank you to Jarel, one of my missionary sons who gave me a digital camera for Christmas) and we ate. A lot. And then Ali over at Girl in a Whirl helped me eat my hot fudge brownie sundae literally swimming in hot fudge and caramel. Oh my gosh, it gives me shivers just thinking about it. I can't have another one until July 26th . . . one a year, although the one I had today I've been trying to have since last July 26th . . . so I guess I'm getting two this year.

So, here's who showed up . . .

Ali at Girl in a Whirl
Julia at Where Oh Where Has My Mind Gone
Tristi at Tristi Pinkston, LDS Author
Heather at Heather Justesen
Karlene at Inksplasher
Donna at Donna's Journey

. . . and

Me. We really, really missed everyone else. Here are some pictures of the gang.

Julia and Karlene

Tristi and Ali

Patented Tristi pose . . . check out if you don't believe me.

Here's Heather!

Donna and Ali

And finally, Heather, me, Karlene and Julia

And that's everyone who showed up. I realize my camera skills leave a lot to be desired, but hey, I haven't had a camera in over a decade. I'm still getting my skills, what little there were, back.

Next month it will be the first Saturday in February 2nd at 1:00 p.m. at Golden Corral in Orem. Check my right-hand column for updated details.

We had a complete blast and we're looking forward to getting together next month. We have varied interests, talents and experiences, it was a blast to to get together and visit, chat and get to know a little more about Donna and Julia.

Rock on!


Autumn Ables said...

You guys make me want to move to Utah!

I love that you guys meet together and have so much fun. Love, support and friendship is what this life is about.

As for the logo...whoever desgined it: You rock! I love it and the mug is stinkin' cute! I want one :) You gals should sell them...I would buy one in a heart beat. Think about it... {and of course, let me know}

Candace E. Salima said...

Autumn ables - thanks for dropping by. We do have a blast when we get together. So whenever you'll be in Utah, let me know and we'll plan a get together to include you as well.

I designed the logo, I blush from your praise! You can go to and order it. But wait until the link for our Blogger Babes is on there. Then you can just click that. I'm going to have more info shortly and will post about it on this page, so check back.